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Megan Travers & Enzo

Dogtired is the connection between you, your dog and good quality, well-designed products.

When we were about to purchase a puppy the research began in earnest on what we needed for when Enzo (our Lagotto Ramagnolo) was coming home; this of course included the obligatory bed. Though there were plenty of dog beds on the market nothing actually appealed. Either it was totally cute (fairy floss pink and baby blue) or it was just dog ugly!

Having worked for fashion designers, architects and interior designers over the past 10 years it was obvious that the pet owners and their dogs urgently needed some well-designed and comfortable product.

To cut a long story short...Dogtired dog beds has been launched and our puppy Enzo has been road-testing prototype beds for the first two years of his life.

The Dogtired bed is designed for indoor and outdoor spaces. It is designed to suit urban living arrangements and country environments, the beds will sit unassumingly in beautiful spaces, they can be personalised and above all been designed for the comfort of your dog.

Dogtired beds are an innovative furniture solution for your pet and more products are now in the pipeline stay in touch.



Rowan Dinning 

Rowan Dinning is a talented young Australian industrial designer who probably never thought he would be asked to deisgn a dog bed.

The brief to Rowan was relatively simple, design a portable, functional, sustainable dog bed that will aesthetically please the owners and be durable and comfortable for dogs of all sizes.

Rowan's Melbourne based design practice inni is concerned with the use of everyday objects to negotiate everyday spaces. His response to the Dogtired breif was both considered and a stroke of genius for its aesthetics, simplicity and functionality.