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Dogtired September 2014

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We are about to pop up again and this time at Grand Designs Live 17-19 October. This event is an extension of the hugely popular television home show, hosted by Kevin McCloud.

This years show will focus on small spaces and colour trends and is a chance for visitors to get expert tips and advice and meet a celebrity or two.

Dogtired is part of a specially curated zone called the Design Arcade and we are looking forward to showcasing our unique beds and blankets amongst the latest trends and innovation within the interiors world.


Friday 17 October 10:00am – 6:00pm

Saturday 18 October 10:00am – 6:00pm

Sunday 19 October 10:00am – 5:00pm


Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre 2 Clarendon Street, South Wharf VIC 3006

Dogtired Profile #4

During the Royal Melbourne show over 200 of the country's best-trained and most obedient dogs will be put through their paces during three days of obedience, agility and jumping trials.

Dogtired had the pleasure of catching up with Rachael James and her fabulous dogs in the lead up to the show to ask a few questions about preparing for “The Royal”.

The Royal Melbourne Show

Saturday 20th September – Wednesday 1st October

Obedience trials Friday 26 September - Saturday 27 September

Dog Precinct

Agility and Jumping Trials Sunday 28 September Dog Precinct

Profile Questions

How many dogs do you have competing in this year’s Royal Melbourne Show (RMS)? What are their names?

This year my partner and I will have six dogs competing in Agility and Jumping at the RMS. Darren will run Ned and Lily and I will be running Asha, her son Tex, Posh and her daughter Karizma and our youngest Scarlett will come along for the socializing and the atmosphere as she will be competing there next year. It is a big event lots of noises and big crowds so it’s important that the dogs are given the opportunity to become accustomed to the environment.

Can you tell us about your participation in the RMS? How many hours of training are required before the big event?

We train regularly throughout the year as agility competitions occur most weekends throughout Victoria. We attend K9 Agility club on Thursday nights. We attend training classes throughout the week on Tuesday and Wednesday nights at Awesome Paws Agility. On weeknights that we are home and weekends when there are no competitions we train at home as we have numerous pieces of equipment. Fitness in the agility dog is important so we take our dogs for regular swim sessions at the dog pool and park runs to allow for some sprint running. Next week in the lead up to competition the dogs will all visit their Osteopath for a check up. The dogs will be groomed during the week and go for some relaxing bush walks and the day before the event they will each have a 30 minute swim session followed by a nice warm bath, swimming is a great low impact way to exercise the dogs (they say 30 laps in the pool is equivalent to running 3 kilometres) it usually gives them a great work out so after a swim and bath the should sleep well and be well rested for their big day.

How many years have you been attending? What makes a winner?

I have been attending the RMS for probably over 10 years now I can’t even remember when I first started. A winner is definitely someone who puts in the work, but for me a winner is someone who enjoys what they do and makes it fun for the dogs, essentially you and your dog are a team and both team members have to love what they are doing and well if you love it then ribbons and prizes aside you’re already a winner!

What are your career highlights?

My most memorable event was the Agility Nationals held in Sydney in 2012, four days of competition in the lead up to the 5th day of Finals, each day of competition saw competitors from all over Australia competing for a spot to qualify for the finals event and only the top 5 of each class (of over a 100 dogs in each class) made it through each day, not only did two of my dogs qualify but went on to medal in the Finals. A silver for Asha in her agility event and a Bronze for Posh in her jumping event.

Any hot tips to get your “naughty” dog to be a little more obedient?

Training mantra : ‘A dog will repeat behaviours that work for it’ if a dog is doing something naughty then odds are there is some value to the dog in doing that particular behaviour. The bored dog may dig to keep themselves occupied it provides an energy outlet hence there is value to the dog in performing the behaviour, the dog that jumps up on people will get interaction and attention therefore will repeat this behaviour when it wants to illicit attention. Take away the value and put it in behaviours that you want to see more of. For the bored dog provide enrichment, problem solving activities such as a stuffed KONG or a Wobbler and plenty of exercise reducing the need for dogs to engage in previous unwanted digging behaviour. The jumping dog should be ignored when it jumps up at you, don’t even make eye contact and when it places all four paws back on the ground turn on the attention and praise, transfer the value to what you want to see more of, simple.

Calendar Note

We are hosting our third Pinot & Pooches day on Saturday 22 November with Waratah Hills Vineyard.

This is a great day to relax in a beautiful setting with your #1 four legged friend. Once again we will be hosting tours of the vineyard and we will have the amazing caricature artist Anthony Pascoe to capture you and your pooch as well as spot prizes.

All dogs attending must be vaccinated, social and kept on a lead at all times.


Saturday 22nd November

Midday – 4pm

Waratah Hills Vineyard

20 Cottmans Rd

Fish Creek 3959

(approx. 2 hour drive from Melbourne)

Cost of the day is $10. Please RSVP to megan@dogtired.com.au