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Riding in Cars & Living with Dogs

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After I take Enzo for a long run my least favourite part is the drool that sometimes escapes his lips as his pants to recover. Below are some of our tips for keeping things “nice” in the car and at home.

We always have a Dogtired Blanket in the car; unexpected puddles, drooling and trips to the beach can leave the car unsightly. A small hand sanitiser and poo bags are also a must for the car.

The below home tips aren’t rocket science but remember, our dogs smell bad sometimes and they do like to sniff:

  • Open the windows and let fresh air in (Fruche luft as we like to call it)
  • Dust regularly (it is at this point that you may like to consider having a cleaner)
  • Use natural floor cleaners when mopping.
  • Get a powerful vacuum (and vac with vengeance)
  • We know you love our dog beds but we also know you dog is on your bed, launder linen and pillows
  • Wash pet bedding, Dogtired has care instructions on our beds and blankets
  • Remove any pet hair from your clothes with a tape roller (no one wants to look like a crazy dog lady)!

Late last year we released a Dogtired candle, it is 100% natural beeswax and helps get rid of nasty odurs and germs in the air (direct message us to order megan@dogtired.com.au)

That’s a wrap on our 101 -  Riding in Cars & Living with Dogs